About me


By day I'm an operations manager for a software company… Not an obvious connection to fashion and colours I know!

I was always wary of shopping never knowing what colours worked for me, opting for black or blue. Then one day I thought I’m going to do something about this and as a result started my journey to becoming a colour stylist.

I have to say it was quite liberating finding out what colours worked for me and being able to apply that to my shopping choices. The next step was to understand my wardrobe and simplifying it so that getting dressed was simply a choice of how warm do I want to be today.

So, having been liberated I decided to take my knowledge to the next level and help other people with their colours and release them from the traumas of shopping.


"I just wanted to thank you so much for seeing Sammie and I on Saturday, I'd been wanting to have my colours done again for years so having a chance again was very exciting. You were so relaxed and professional and I felt very comfortable with you talking about colours, styles of clothes, patterns etc. honestly came away feeling a lot more confidant in myself and when it's time to go clothes shopping again I know what I'm looking for which I've struggled with for years. Silly I know a lady my age but I can't express any more how this has been a wonderful thing for me. Thank you so much, Lisa."

"I recently had an appointment with Mandy to have my colours done. It was a great session where Mandy's knowledge ensured I came away with some practical skills and advice to help me get the most out of my existing wardrobe, and to consider when making new purchases. Mandy has a very open and down-to-earth style which meant I felt happy to ask anything that popped into my mind, nothing felt like a dumb question. Since my appointment I have recommended Mandy's services to other friends and none have been disappointed. Andrea"