My Style Fashionista

Most people are not confident wearing colours, often choosing black or just a few tried and tested colours that they feel work for them. Yet the colours we wear not only affect the way we look but also influences how we think, feel and behave and how others react to us. Here at My Style Fashionista we help you to find your colours and project the person you want the world to see.

Make colours work for you

Colours are amazing they increase your self-confidence, affect your moods, make you look healthy and vibrant (or tired and ill) and influence how people react to you. Take a step in the right direction by getting your colours analysed and open your world to the magic of colour.

Colour analysis

Ever looked at someone and thought they look absolutely amazing in that colour, I wish I knew what colours looked that good on me? Then you have come to the right place!

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Wardrobe review

Have you got a wardrobe full of clothes and still think you have nothing to wear? Are you fed up with wearing the same few outfits while the rest of your wardrobe gathers dust? Perhaps it's time for a wardrobe review.

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