Determining your cool season

So now that you have worked out you have a cool undertone you will fit into one of 2 broad seasons Winter or Summer, these are then broken down further into 3 subsets depending on your hair and eye colouring. If you came here first and you are not sure if you are cool go to the determining your skin tone page for more information.


If you are better suited to winter colours then you will have a high contrast between your hair, skin and eye colour. Typically dark hair, bright eyes with visible white and light skin colour when not tanned.


If you are better suited to summer colours then you will have a low contrast between your hair, skin and eye colour. They blend together to give a soft look rather than the high contrast of winters. Your hair is likely to be lighter and softer, a soft colouring to your eyes and a more blended colour to your skin.

Here are some Pintrest board to help you determine which general season you are.

Getting down into the fine tuning now…

Having worked out your general season you can already start to head out to the shops and buys colours with new confidence. Your specific season just highlights the colours that really make you look good. If you are a Cool Winter bright colours and high contrast will really work but a nice pastel blue with jeans will still look good, just not amazing.

Blue Green colour

There are some colours that you are likely to be not sure about and one of the big ones is likely to be green.

If you look at a colour wheel green is the mixture of blue and yellow so as you are cool you are looking for blue based greens (on the left) not yellow based greens (on the right).

Having your colour analysis done will determine a more refined version of the colours that look good around your face. You will come away with a fan that contains a sample of your colours that you can take with you when you shop to help you get your eye in. Being Cool you could be one of the following depending on the value and depth of your look:

  • Cool Winter
  • If you are a cool winter then you have a cool undertone but when you look at yourself in the mirror the predominant colouring that you see is a cool look. A lot of winter colourings move to Cool WInter as they age and their hair and eyebrows turn silver grey. There is a subtle difference between Cool Winter and Clear Winter; In the Colour Me Beautiful method of defining colours a Cool Winter is termed Cool Clear and a Clear Winter is termed Clear Cool, with the colour palatte being very similar. Other terms for a Cool Winter are Winter moving to Summer or Tinted WInter.

    You can see a selection of boards and pictures of celebrities that are Cool Winter here

  • Clear Winter
  • Clear Winters are the bright dazzling winters with big contrasts in their colouring, think bright jewel like eyes, dark hair and poreceline skin all working together to produce high contrast. Other terms used are Winter moving to Spring, Bright Cool, Clear Cool or Pure WInter.

    You can see a selection of boards and pictures of celebrities that are Clear Winter here

  • Deep Winter
  • If your overall look is a deep dark look, with dark eyes, hair and a slightly warmer skin tone then you are a Deep Winter. Also known as Dark Winter, Deep Cool, Winter moving to Autumn or Shaded Winter

    You can see a selection of boards and pictures of celebrities that are Deep Winter here

  • Cool Summer
  • Cool Summers are Light and Soft and cannot wear the intense colors of Winter. You will have an overall ashy or cool coloring, with grey, blue or slate eyes, ash brown hair (that can get quite dark but not black) and cool or neutral beige skin. Other terms for a Cool Summer are True Summer, Cool Soft and Summer moving into Winter.

    You can see a selection of boards and pictures of celebrities that are Cool Summer here

  • Light Summer
  • You are a Light Summer if the level of contrast between your eyes, hair and skin is medium to low, but it has still a certain intensity to it. You will have blond hair or very light brown ashy hair, blue or grey eyes and rosy beige to pinky porceline skin which burns easily. LIght summer is also known as summer moving to spring or Light Cool.

    You can see a selection of boards and pictures of celebrities that are Light Summer here

  • Soft Summer
  • Soft Summers are the darkest of the summer seasons with dark blonde to medium soft brown hair often described as mousy. You will have a natural beige skin possibly with freckles and grey blue, hazel or green eyes. You can be mistaken for a Winter season but are better suited to low contrast colours. Your season can also be dscribed as Soft Cool or SUmmer moving to Autumn.

    You can see a selection of boards and pictures of celebrities that are Soft Summer here


"I just wanted to thank you so much for seeing Sammie and I on Saturday, I'd been wanting to have my colours done again for years so having a chance again was very exciting. You were so relaxed and professional and I felt very comfortable with you talking about colours, styles of clothes, patterns etc. honestly came away feeling a lot more confidant in myself and when it's time to go clothes shopping again I know what I'm looking for which I've struggled with for years. Silly I know a lady my age but I can't express any more how this has been a wonderful thing for me. Thank you so much, Lisa."

"I recently had an appointment with Mandy to have my colours done. It was a great session where Mandy's knowledge ensured I came away with some practical skills and advice to help me get the most out of my existing wardrobe, and to consider when making new purchases. Mandy has a very open and down-to-earth style which meant I felt happy to ask anything that popped into my mind, nothing felt like a dumb question. Since my appointment I have recommended Mandy's services to other friends and none have been disappointed. Andrea"